Kara’s WORLD. You just live in it. :p

I say REAL because I did do a few others but I had never competed or anything, so this is the official one. ^^

Soi Fon from Bleach~! Battle uniform.


original anime character

original anime character


not that great, huh?

not that great, huh?

I did my best~! I made the braids and Suzumebachi by myself~! ^^

Also, the armband thing, is made out of a coke bottle. xD

The event was at Otaku Fest 2.0 in University of the Philippines

more random pictures:

Surprising new pairing~!

Surprising new pairing~!

Me and my friends. ^^

Me and my friends. ^^

The random-est pic ever. lol

This is my first time in wordpress~ (Well duh)

I look strange, dont I? xD

I look strange, don't I? xD

I’m very much into cosplay, as you can see. ^^;

If in case you don’t know, that’s Soi Fon from Bleach, but I changed her hair cause I got bored and it wasn’ta¬† convention anyways. :p

I LOVE Kpop~ and Jpop, but I’m more into Kpop.

I also love anime, duh. ^^

I love YUU! and Yuu(ji) ~my prince~

Yuu be the prince and Ill be the princess~

Yuu be the prince and I'll be the princess~

And I’ll post my other random cosplay-stuff in the next post… since I’m lazy… xD

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